The Audio Upcycle Project was founded by engineer and producer Chrissy Tignor and was inspired by the incredible musicians at El Conservatorio Nacional de Música in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Chrissy was invited to do a masterclass on production in Santo Domingo with Berklee College of Music in November 2017. It was clear that despite a desire for a recording and production program, there was no infrastructure in place to start one.  She was inspired to find a way to help bring recording equipment to CNM to record the extraordinary music the students were making. As a result of collaborative work, and 8 months of collecting donations, visits, workshops and increased student enthusiasm, the conservatory now has a complete facility.  All donations were the result of collecting unused equipment from local audio engineers and producers in the Boston area. 

Moving forward, Chrissy is working to make the Audio Upcycle Facility even more professional with acoustic treatment in the space. She is also spending her sabbatical in Santo Domingo in Fall 2019 creating a curriculum and recording numerous Dominican ensembles in the space.

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